Lotte Berk
Training run by Esther Fairfax, Lotte Berk’s daughter.
Esther Fairfax
The Lotte Berk Technique is not just a work out, it is a work of art

To train in The Lotte Berk Technique

Esther Fairfax is her studio where she teaches the Lotte Berk Technique

Make this exercise a career! Are you self motivating? Would you like to see people's lives improving through your training, reaching their full potential? Your classes could change people's lives.

Teaching is exciting, fulfilling, and can put you on a perpetual high! Becoming a part of the Lotte Berk global community will be an extremely rewarding experience.

Training course available. It is advisable that you have experienced some dance classes. The length of time to train depends on your experience but is likely to be between one to two weeks. Please contact us to discuss with Esther which is most appropriate for you.

Refresher courses are available for all who have trained for £500

A number of former trainees of Esther are now running successful Lotte Berk classes around the world - Kelly Wackerman in California, Deborah Thompson in Toronto, Anne Andenaes in Oslo, Tina Graf in Zurich, Lisa Mozo in New York, Andrea Lucas and Crissy Trayner, Sophie Ritche, Monica Huaza and Andrea Lucas and Crissy Trainer .

The Lotte Berk Method Video Manual

For the first time ever, Esther Fairfax presents her mother’s revolutionary Lotte Berk Method on downloadable video.

This comprehensive video manual is perfect for exercise professionals who want to get up to speed with the complete method.

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How to Live and Die

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Lotte Berk DVD

Lotte Berk Authentic Recorded DVD

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