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The Ultimate Design in Body Exercise

Esther Fairfax, demonstrating the Lotte Berk Technique, 2010

The ultimate design in body exercise transforming your body shape, The Lotte Berk Technique is programmed to work all your muscles. Lotte Berk, the originator and founder of her techniques, trained as a modern ballet dancer. Many of her exercises have been inspired by dance. She uses floor work and bar work. Her exercises are specially designed for non dancers to enjoy and achieve.

These remarkable exercises are for women who are serious about their fitness and their figures, who want results. Lotte believed that the class emphasis should be on fun, having a laugh. Exercise she says can be so boring and she certainly succeeded with her sharp wit and humour.

Lotte Berk at 90

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aged nearly ninety still in action with her daughter Esther Fairfax

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Skype personal training and Skype personal classes in the Lotte Berk Technique from her daughter Esther Fairfax now available.

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Train with Esther and make the Lotte Berk technique your career! Find out how your classes could change lives.

Above: Lotte's daughter Esther Fairfax demonstrating the technique at the age of 78!

Lotte Berk Exercises - Esther FairfaxHot off the Press!

Lotte Berk Exercises

Esther's latest exercise book... a wonderful ebook with mini films to demonstrate the technique.

This ebook is made to be downloadable on the ipad. You will need the free iBooks app which is downloadable via your ipad.

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Esther's Memoir, My Improper Mother and Me, is featured in Prue Leith's list of best books as featured in The Week.

Prue Leith's top books list

My Improper Mother and Me

My Improper Mother and Me

Esther Fairfax's memoir

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Lotte Berk DVD

Lotte Berk Authentic Recorded DVD

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Fit to Survive

A classic book representing the Lotte Berk exercises.
An example of her quintessential technique.
A rare vintage special. 73 pages.
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